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Yellow Gold Plated Aries Zodiac Necklace

USA EKRIA, London, United Kingdom


The Yellow Gold Plated Aries Zodiac Necklace by EKRIA.

Aries: Fire Sign - The Ram (March 21st - April 19th)

Aries is known for being passionate, driven, and a fighter of justice. They love to shine in the spotlight, and with this necklace, you will be sure to be the centre of attention-wherever you go.

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Yellow gold exudes a classic timelessness. Astrology stems from the idea that your date of birth correlates to specific stars and planetary alignment, which influences your life and personality.

It dates back as far as 2,500 B.C. to the time of the ancient Babylonians; they used this knowledge to predict seasons and events. This astrology was then introduced to the ancient Greeks, which is where the term “zodiac” originates which translates to “circle of animals”.

EKRIA’S Zodiac collection is special and unique in that the designs are based on dots that are representative of the star constellations. We fell in love with the idea of showcasing a way in which astrology and science could meet in the middle. These chains are double sided, and shiny on one side and matte on the other.

All of our pieces are individually crafted using the most innovative laser techniques to give you some of the cleanest cut forms and the sleekest finishes on the market. With our expert craftsmanship, we're committed to giving you the very best every time.

About The Designer:

Founded in 2013 by Esra Karadeniz, EKRIA is a timeless, contemporary jewellery brand for both men and women. The skilled designers at EKRIA have rejected the unnecessary and kept their pieces subtle and minimalistic for maximum impact.

To view more of this designer's collection please visit EKRIA.

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Dimensions 25mm x 25mm x 1mm.
Materials Sterling Silver
Yellow Gold Plated
Gemstones Plain/None


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