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JewelStreet ranks highly on Google and all other major search engines.
It’s all thanks to our clever team of copywriters, who know all about search engine optimisation (SEO).

And as a part of the JewelStreet community, you enjoy our SEO expertise too.

We rewrite your product descriptions to include all relevant keywords.

It means when people search for jewellery on Google, your products appear at the top. Which means more sales for you.

Here’s a product description a designer supplied us with:

Beautiful gem set stud earrings with molten 'aura' surround.

After The Rewrite

The Serendipity Aura Stud Earrings by Erin Cox Jewellery.

Bold and beautiful. These handmade stud earrings are perfect for your everyday style. They have been expertly handcrafted using ethically sourced amethyst gemstones and sterling silver. Add these treasures to your jewellery box for a refreshing injection of colour. Hold your head high with your earrings proudly on show, and walk with a newfound confidence.

About the Designer:
Erin is inspired by the organic beauty of Exeter’s coastal landscapes. Her oceanic designs have a mesmerising movement, and a striking depth of emotion. This is jewellery that holds a story, emits beauty, and reflects the aura of its wearer. All materials are ethically sourced.

To find out more about the designer, please visit Erin Cox Jewellery.

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