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Yana Nesper

Symbolising class and femininity, the pearl is still a timelessly elegant gemstone used in jewellery today. YANA Nesper specialise in the use of these traditional stones, embedding the pearl into every piece they forge. Founded in 1970, YANA Nesper’s family run business was brought to light by pearl-expert, Frank Nesper, who learned about the stones on a Japanese pearl farm during the 1990s. As one of the first Europeans to do this, YANA Nesper ensure only quality-controlled pearls will be used, all with a focus on the pearls’ smooth surface, excellent coating and harmonious shape. With only the finest precious marine and freshwater pearls being processed within their designs, this brings the traditional pearl up-to-date with a fashionable flair and hint of modernism.

Renowned for: Quality controlled pearls, ensuring beautiful treasures to keep for a lifetime.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Each collection by YANA Nesper has an elegant appeal, but each with own unique qualities.

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