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William Henry

William Henry is a luxury jewellery brand sitting right at the forefront of male jewellery design. Founding the company in 1997, the entrepreneur and jewellery maker, Matt Conable, began his brand by forging exclusive pocketknives. Wanting to expand into the jewellery industry, William Henry introduced its first jewellery collection in 2014, which was welcomed with open arms. Today, the brand boasts of its bold and masculine designs, which are coupled with the roots of its origins, creating a new meaning to stylish men’s wear. Their premium designs retain an aura of artisan, with many exclusive and award-winning pieces to offer. Hand-forged tapestries with chiselled carved silver are finely hand engraved and interwoven with gemstones, making each and every creation a truly unique experience. William Henry integrate rare and exotic materials including the use of Dinosaur Bone, fossilised Woolly Mammoth and fossilised coral, of which never have the same patterning, making William Henry adornments even more exclusive. The American-based brand exude a luxury male lifestyle which turns individual designs into lifelong treasured keepsakes.

Renowned for: Producing men’s masculine jewellery collections, infused with gemstones and uniquely patterned rare materials.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: William Henry forge exclusive pieces which become a part of the personality of their owners and also a part of their legacy.

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