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Susan Wheeler Design

Susan Wheeler is obsessed with texture. While other jewellery designers were hammering metals and using the ancient tradition of wax carving, Susan was experimenting in the exciting new world of metal clays. It was here that she discovered the unique texture that would become part of her signature style. Today, Susan fuses her love of texture with a veritable kaleidoscope of gemstones set in recycled 18kt gold and platinum. For Susan, jewellery design is a personal process and an expression of affection: “I enjoy giving a piece of jewellery to a friend, knowing what they love and being able to give that love a tangible expression. I consider that the art of jewellery design.”

Renowned for: Creating textures that are as natural and unique as the bark of a tree or earth baked by the sun.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Susan’s designs possess a regal and magical honesty, fusing contemporary style with classic silhouettes.

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