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Born in Istanbul, Turkey, Arman Suciyan commenced his career as an apprentice goldsmith in the local Bazaar. Working alongside the fourth generation of a fine jewellery expert, Misak Toros, Arman Suciyan was taught an abundance of traditional skills used within fine jewellery production, especially those techniques found within the art of wax carving and modelling. After spending years at the bench, Arman became a full-time goldsmith and wax modeller, elaborating on his own designs to create his brand, Suciyan. Forged from mostly silver, and a combination of bronze with gold, Arman focuses his jewellery pieces on reflecting his love of all things sculptural to adorn three dimensional and visually arresting collections. His labyrinth of designs are laced with precious gemstones, exuding a feminine and luxurious touch to each and every piece.

Renowned for: Based upon the enigmatic traits of nature, Suciyan use surrounding sculpture to forge delicate accessories for the fine jewellery connoisseur.

Handpicked by Jewelstreet because: Suciyan has received many accolades including the prestigious DeBeers Jewelry Design Award for his eye catching designs that appeal for evening wear.

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