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Susie Stenmark, the designer behind Stenmark, has had a career in media and communications, as a model, actress and television presenter, journalist and editor. Driven by her love of beauty, art, contemporary culture and fashion, she has always remained in touch with the fashion media industry and has worked for some of the world’s leading design houses. Her lifelong love of jewellery and her desire to create led her to establish Stenmark, where, as Creative Director, her passion for design, architecture, and antiquities fuses with her keen eye for style to create an exquisite kaleidoscope of contemporary fine jewellery. “I wanted, quite simply, to make something that would last and would mean something to women, something of intrinsic value that would be enduring in their lives.”

Renowned for: Creating unique collections of fine jewellery designed to transcend styles and last for generations.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Susie’s design style gives each piece a style-conscious edge that exudes a timeless yet contemporary beauty.

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