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Stelios Karantonas

Greek designer, Stelios Karantonas lives and creates in London, a melting pot of styles and designs with a centuries-long tradition of craftsmanship. 
Stelios decided to take the leap and produce his namesake brand, Stelios Karantonas in Hatton Gardens, in 2014. Unveiling his artistic nature and inspiration for original creations, Stelios set up in Hatton Garden to produce handcrafted works of art in gold and sterling silver. Working with a variety of gemstones and many karats of gold, Stelios’ designs range from the statement to the subtle with opulent palettes of colour throughout. His creations combine simplicity with luxury and present a universal signature style without ceasing to be unique.

Renowned for: Stelios Karantonas is renowned for the unique balance of colour, structure and gemstones that carve attention-grabbing jewellery designs.

Handpicked by JewelStreet becauseWear as a statement piece or wear for a subtle addition, Stelios’ designs exude powerful motifs that can be worn at any point of the day.

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