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Sima Vaziry

A lover of art, design, poetry, and calligraphy, Sima Vaziry has a rare talent. Able to pool and then translate the experiences she’s had with Afghan, Persian, and Middle Eastern cultures into contemporary pieces of jewellery, Sima released her first collection in 2010. Not long after this, she was approached by the British Museum to supply a  range of pieces in support their major Afghanistan exhibition. Her collection became one of their most popular lines ever and she was subsequently commissioned to design and produce three further collections for them. She’s never looked back: “My jewellery reflects my heritage, my personal experiences, and the design disciplines I’ve acquired during my academic and professional life."

Renowned for: Versatile, easy-to-wear jewellery which has an indefinable mystique.

Handpicked by Jewelstreet because: Sima’s jewellery is directly inspired by her bi-cultural background. The exposure to these different cultures, as well as her creative mind, and bespoke methodology has enabled her to produce pieces that other designers could only dream of.

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