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Ruby Star

RUBY STAR was established by Tel-Aviv based artisan, Shirley Itzik in 2000. Since launching, Shirley committed herself to creating an eclectic assortment of designs which push the boundaries of traditional contemporary design. With each piece individually telling a story, RUBY STAR seeks alternative aesthetics to unite precious metals with popular icons. Shirley’s fascination with symbols is combined with inspiration drawn from the organic and the Victorian to shed new light on contrived commodities. Establishing her signature style, RUBY STAR creates a coexisting merge between ancient and modern design to grant a timeless quality to each piece. Challenging the norm at every opportunity, RUBY STAR’s keepsakes can be paired with a dressed down apparel or dressed up for an eccentric appearance.

Renowned for: RUBY STAR are renowned for their eccentric aesthetic in the jewellery industry.

Handpicked by JewelStreet becauseInspired by organic elements and the Victorian period, RUBY STAR designs can be paired with a day-to-day appearance for a striking fashion choice.

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