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Rona Fisher Jewelry Design

"Each item is a unique piece of art that allows the wearer to share in the energy and inspiration that created it.”

Beginning her career at the Philadelphia College of Art, Rona Fisher explored San Francisco and Munich before settling back in Philadelphia to start her own studio in jewellery making. Now an award-winning designer, Rona concentrates on fusing handmade surface textures with precious metals of 18kt gold, sterling silver and palladium.

Rona connects with nature on a daily basis, conceiving jewellery designs that are inspired by the flow of water over stones, particularly in rivers. Her relationship with the outdoors harnesses great strength in her productions, which encourages her to craft organic themes together with a balanced and asymmetrical composition. Using bold gemstones throughout her works, Rona’s fluid designs are perfect for special occasions.

Renowned for: Rona Fisher is renowned for her award-winning designs of delicate balance.

Handpicked by Jewelstreet because: Inspired by the running rivers, this organic brand produce graceful designs that adorn a traditional yet elegant fashion for any special occasion.

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