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Robinson Pelham

In 1997, Kate, Vanessa and Zoe established Robinson Pelham. Based in an appointment-only atelier, the trio created bespoke jewellery for prestigious clients. Taking on the myriad requests and styles of exclusive clients, the trio opened their jewellery boutique in Chelsea in 2012. The boutique showcases two discrete collections: Evoke, which features timeless classic pieces, and Oxygen, a contemporary collection of colourful, style-led jewellery.

Renowned for: A distinct yet timeless style which appeals to many high profile style icons, including the Duchess of Cambridge, who commissioned earrings for herself and her sister for her wedding day. 

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Robinson Pelham jewellery encapsulates the finesse of heritage jewellery houses combined with a fresh, modern approach, resulting in the creation of unique investment pieces.

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