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Rarest Rainbow Fine Jewelry

Rarest Rainbow Fine Jewelry use modern-day techniques to produce elegant pieces of evening wear. Founded by the Pancis family, the company’s ethos is to create rare and unique designs, with inspiration drawn from King Baudouin of Belgium. Once reserved for royalty only, Kyle’s great Uncle Kurt was the journalist to the king. King Baudouin introduced his cutter to the Pancis family, connecting the family to his love of natural colour diamonds. Passed down through the generations, Kyle Pancis adopted this love of natural colour diamonds and now boasts of their success in natural colour diamond jewelry, exhibiting signature, vivid designs at the highest quality. Believing that the wearer should use the pieces to display their unique personality, Rarest Rainbow Fine Jewelry brings passion and motivation to every piece they construct, with an artistic flair and feminine touch.

Renowned for: Each adornment has an individual aesthetic; no two colours are the same and the jewelry is always one-of-kind.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Predominantly used as wedding jewelry, Rarest Rainbow creates romantic pieces, glittering with diamonds in a variety of colours and forms.

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