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Pembe Club

Yasmine Haji was shocked when, on safari in her native Tanzania, she failed to see a single elephant where, in her childhood, there had been numerous herds: “The awful emptiness of those vast plains changed me. And suddenly, it was no longer about scribbling out a cheque, but about something more enduring . . .  and more personal”. And so Pembe Club was born. Named for the Swahili word for “tusk”, each contemporary piece is inspired by the magnificent beauty of the elephant, Pembe Club creates statement jewellery, handcrafted and designed in Tanzania from sustainable, ethically sourced materials. A percentage of each sale is used to benefit elephants

Renowned for:  Creating eye-catching, bold jewellery, designed to make a difference,

Handpicked by JewelStreet because:  The rich colours and silhouettes of each statement piece by Pembe Club reflect the expansive beauty of the African plains and the majesty of the elephant.

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