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Incorporating sophistication with minimalism, Silvijus Martinelis successfully designs geometrical symbols, which are recognised for mirroring as beautiful works of art. Silvijus Martinelis has been studying jewellery-making for over a decade, forming his ideal of the fusion between shape, unusual materials, modern technology and precise handcrafting. These ideals are highlighted in his statement jewellery pieces, whilst maintaining a high level of accuracy and high-end quality. Inspired by his surroundings of contemporary architecture and jewels, Silvijus uses his Lithuanian home to infuse antique qualities into his pieces, finishing with a symbol to the wearer’s personality.

Renowned for: Using the forms and shapes from the buildings of Lithuania to produce beautiful works of art.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: For those who love subtle jewellery, Martinelis provides a day and night attire which still gives a glimmer.

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