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LALI Jewels

The owners of Lali come from a long line of jewellers. In the late 19th Century, their grandfather travelled Europe and the Mediterranean in search of the finest gemstones and became renowned for his wealth of knowledge and his desire to perfect his craft. His son, honoured this legacy, moving to America and becoming an innovator in the jewellery industry of New York.  Three decades ago, his own sons followed and joined the world of jewellery making. Each had distinguished careers in diamond houses and jewellery manufacturers, before setting out on their own. Their mission: to take the wealth of knowledge accumulated over three generations of creating fine jewellery and to evolve, bringing innovation and luxury to each collection.

 Renowned for:  Exquisite craftsmanship gained from over a century of experience. 

 Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Each piece possesses an awe-inspiring simplicity that stimulates the senses and ignites emotion. 

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