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Lace Inspired Jewellery

Featherweight, feminine and delicate - who can resist the beautiful lace pattern? Handmade with precious gold or high-quality silver and intricate detail. Lace inspired jewellery exudes timeless elegance through its vintage flair and delicate patterns. Go for full glamour with a pair of filigree earrings and a lace pattern bangle. Each of these gorgeous lace-like pieces is inspired by eras of romance and class.

Fancy Filigree

Loving these lace-like patterns? Then you have to know about this ancient metalworking technique - Filigree.

Filigree has a rich history and you can often see this lacy work applied to decorative objects and ornaments from ancient times. Taking inspiration from lace designs and vintage filigree art, its popularity has risen in the modern jewellery world.

Crafted with the finest and precious metals to form weaving and lace patterns. There’s a lot of patience and hard work required in creating a filigree piece. Chandelier earrings are one of the most popular jewellery pieces of contemporary filigree.

Lightweight Statement

When your evening dress calls for something a little bit extra, bring these non-stop curves to your earlobes with a pair of lace inspired drops or studs.

Combining complex handmade craft with a contemporary twist, lace earrings add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Match your white lace dress with a pair of statement filigree drops for a romantic and classic look; or wear your weekend basics with a pair of lace studs for a casual chic look.

Handcrafted in rose gold plate, these stunning Lace Edge stud earrings take inspiration from vintage lace as well as pattern seen on today's international runways. 
This style silver filigree chandelier earrings represents the elegance, exotic and glamorous of filigree design. These stunning earrings are a must have for every party.
Lace Inspired Rings

Brides and lace go together. We know that you love your beautiful lace wedding dress, so why not match it with an elegant lace style engagement ring?

And If you're going for a vintage wedding theme, these lace patterns are a great way to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn, making you a truly beautiful bride.

The intricate designs of lace style engagement rings are perfect for the vintage bride who appreciates the timelessness of such jewellery. The combination of soft vine-like details with a sparkling center diamond created a stunning contrast that really makes the ring to stand out.

Diamoire's inspiration for his Bridal collection, showcases a beautiful round cut premium grade Swarovski Zirconia stone held together in a four claw setting which beautifully hand finished in 10Kt White Gold.
Intricately handcrafted this is a band of exquisite detail. This is a unique piece that should be worn with as much love as it was made with. Handcrafted in 18kt yellow gold vermeil by Vanilo's team of filigree artisans.
Intricate Lace Necklaces

Lace is now back and is currently taking over the jewellery industry. Featuring delicate filigree settings, lace-inspired necklaces are sexy and always in fashion.

Light, intricate with twisted wire designs, it's the details that bring each piece to life. If you'd prefer a little more femininity whilst adding some vintage flair, a filigree design necklace with interlacing patterns is perfect for you.

Epitomizing both dainty elegance and a subtle touch of eroticism, Brigitte Adolph’s Figaro silver necklace, complemented by a lustrous freshwater pearl ranks among the favourites of her bridal jewellery collection.
The workmanship on this piece is one of the richest expressions of Sardinian filigree and a clear evidence of the quality of the KOKKU jewellery.
Lace Bangles & Cuffs

Lace takes in another dimension and not just limited for special occasions and weddings. Create a statement look by stacking a few lace pattern bangles or filigree cuffs. These pieces are hot enough to take you into the autumn and winter months.

Raise your style game with some new lace-inspired bangles. Handcrafted and intricately designed with hours of thought by independent designers, every piece is undeniably beautiful and absolutely unique.

A powerful design with intricate detail bringing ancient traditions and the modern world together. Handcrafted by vanilo's exceptional team of filigree artisans.
Displaying a domed adornment, the Jaali Cuff Bracelet exhibits intricate fretwork in a glorious arrangement of sterling silver micron plated with 18kt gold.

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