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L. Skelly Jewellery

Canadian designer Chelsea Skelly has always fostered a passion for the creative, studying at Vancouver Metal Art School before launching L Skelly Jewellery and Designs. There, she was able to realise her appreciation for traditional techniques, her respect for handcrafted art and her proclivity towards experimentation.
Today, she works primarily with hand tools, using ethically sourced and conflict-free materials to forge a beautiful, distinctive range of contemporary rings. From the sharp angles and oxidised silver of the Plana Ora ring to the organic golden curves of the Anticuus ring, Chelsea’s work is thoughtful, creative and perfect for any occasion.

Renowned for: Distinctive, modern rings forged from fine silver and gold.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Chelsea is an accomplished metalsmith, and her unique, handmade rings represent this contemporary art form at its best.

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