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Katie Decker

Finding her love for gemstones from her mother’s jewellery box, Katie Decker used her childhood experiences to influence her unique style. After becoming an artist in her childhood years, Katie began designing jewellery as a hobby and since, has created the Katie Decker brand. With a passion for nature, architecture and art, Katie uses these influences to evolve her designs and craft individual feminine designs. Her fresh and youthful approach to jewellery design is reflected in her elegant pieces, giving women a striking balance between the classic and the contemporary. Katie’s Celestial collection sees the melding of vibrant gemstones with various metals forged into stars and moons, whereas the Medieval collection sees the celebration of the medieval era in diamonds.

Renowned for: Fine jewellery handcrafted with elegance.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Each collection by Katie Decker has a feminine appeal, but each with its own unique qualities.

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