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JS Noor

“The main inspirations behind JS Noor are spirituality and the Asian and Eastern aesthetic.”

Sometimes, great things come from humble beginnings. For JS Noor, their beautiful range of Eastern-inspired jewellery started life when their lead designer moved from India to the US, and began forging pieces from beads and glass. Over time, the brand upgraded to precious metals and gemstones, all the while keeping that same Eastern aesthetic.
JS Noor’s jewellery is inspired by the culture and customs of another place, combining whimsical designs with an opulence and sense of drama that’s sure to get you noticed. Be bold in antique pendants, glittering opals and statement necklaces and cuffs crafted from 18-carat gold.

Renowned for: Gorgeous jewellery inspired by the myths and legends of Hindi culture.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: This isn’t just adornment – each stunning piece has its own story to tell.

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