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Joely Rae Jewelry

Joely Rae Kuhn, lead designer and founder of brand Joely Rae Jewelry, draws her inspiration from emotions, nature, colour, and most of all, her loved ones. With her work, Joely Rae strives to evoke feelings such as peace and joy. She started designing a decade ago while she was still an actress working out of Los Angeles. While on various sets, she would teach herself techniques like twisting wire and stringing beads. Soon her passion for jewellery overcame her acting ambitions, and she moved to New York to get real training in the art of design. Following this, she decided to make her brand. Today, Joely Rae makes jewellery imbued with hope that can be passed on to anyone who wears it.

Renowned for: Spiritual jewellery derived from colour schemes, nature, architecture, and fabrics, expertly crafted out of the finest precious metals and stones.

Handpicked by Jewelstreet because: Joely Rae puts her love into all the pieces she creates. She wants to bring peace and balance to the lives of each of the people her jewellery touches. 

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