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Jhana Pearl

Celebrated Jhaña Pearl designer Lindsay Kleeman studied yoga, holistic health, and the healing arts for many years before entering the jewellery industry. Lindsay’s varied experiences and travels have enabled her to create exotic pieces that reflect the natural aesthetics of Maui. These fashion-forward and stunning accessories merge exclusively certified and entirely natural Tahitian pearls with the brand’s own supple, beautiful, and durable hand rolled leather – they reflect true island life. Meant to be worn regularly, Jhana Pearl’s jewellery can be easily maintained via semi-frequent cleaning with a soft cloth.

Renowned for: Elegant pieces based around the finest and most exquisite organic Tahitian pearls, which have undergone no cutting or polishing whatsoever.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Lindsay captures the spirit of adventure in her sophisticated pieces. They allow women to remain safely anchored while they pass through the ever-changing waves and tides in their life.

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