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“HOTCROWN will forever symbolize the beauty of leading with your heart and following your happiness.”

HOTCROWN started life when founders Yisgav and Ginat followed their hearts, falling in love and leaving their careers in accountancy and copywriting to start a business of their own. Launched in 2013, HOTCROWN is a fun and vibrant jewellery company that makes high-end wearable creations, with each piece designed in-house and customised by jewellery experts. Working with custom materials like welded gold, sterling silver and conflict-free diamonds, they forge gorgeous, limited edition accessories to suit every personal style. Think show-stopping rings set with rubies and diamonds, glittering stud earrings with delicate motifs and customisable gold necklaces perfect for the one you love.

Renowned for: Stunning, impeccable jewellery that tells your story.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: HOTCROWN was born out of a beautiful personal story, and forever symbolises the power of following your dreams – so wear these gorgeous pieces with pride.



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