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Hoochie Mama

Vivacious, confident and charming; she knows what she likes and her wardrobe mimics her life choices. These classic principles are what drive Hoochie Mama on daily basis; to fulfil the lives of modern women. Hoochie Mama is a treasure trove of beautiful accessories, which was founded in Britain by Katrina Urwin. Inspired by the diversity of Great Britain and its heritage, Hoochie Mama brings an elegant twist to the typical bling, which is made to be admired for more than one season. Loved by high profile Instamums such as Helen Canning and Clemmie Hooper, Hoochie Mama are on the radar for some of the hottest jewellery out there worn by only the most daring.

Hoochie Mama is known for their exploration into quirky, modern designs that remain fashionable, even after the trend.

Handpicked by JewelStreet becauseVersatile and within budget at all times, Hoochie Mama’s pieces are perfect for the on-the-go woman.

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