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Floral Jewellery Trends | Flower Necklaces | Flower Earrings| Flower Rings

The arrival of Spring/Summer 2018 brings with it the news that floral accessories are set to be a key trend.

Surprised? Neither are we.

Florals' have long been a go-to. Season after season they reappear. 70’s flower power anyone? Alexander McQueen’s 2007 very real and very beautiful botanical gown? Amazing. You can head to the accessories section of any department store and you are sure to find elegant rose stud earrings and flower shaped pendants. However...

This season the trend is different. Think of the biggest and brightest flower you can and times it by 10. That still isn’t enough.

The Spring/Summer 18 catwalks served up an eye-popping bouquet of florals'. From scene-stealing displays to THOSE Dolce and Gabana earrings. 2018’s accessory optimism begins with bold blooms (and they are anything but prim).

The luxury Italian brand known for its opulence and extravagance held nothing back with its over the top display of everything botanical - Not limiting themselves to just flowers (a-la Kendall Jenner), the well-loved fashion house even produced vegetable inspired jewels. Carrot top any one? 
Pretty please with a cherry on top! Slightly more demure in appearance and classic in design, Mui Mui opted for simple charm bracelets, necklaces and rings, all holding cute little floral and fruity motifs. 
The self-taught power house began dressmaking at 9 years old so its no wonder the brand is where it is today. The SS18 collection showcased beautifully whimsical drop earrings emulating fallen leaves. 
Spicing things up for Spring 2018, Valli combined his well-known, ornate, feminine style with a distinct edge. Harsh metallic leaves and petals roped around the neck offsetting the delicate lace gowns.
The history of floral fashion stems (pardon the pun) way back to the Egyptian period. Real flowers were used in garlands and wreaths or worn as a single flower or leaf. The Greeks also used flowers for adornment and in the Roman Period floral inspiration was worked into royal crowns.
Atlas Pearls
Inspired by the classic beauty of a strong, sophisticated and feminine woman, the designers created Atlas Pearls collection. Atlas Pearls earrings are a beautiful example of a perfect mix of timeless earring designs and creative modern ideas: one Atlas Pearls earring elegantly falling down and another earring goes up. 
The iconic brand showcasing THE British way of dressing. With an unexpected mix of textures, colours and silhouettes, the not-so subtle earrings at Burberry were the epitome of jewellery goals. 
The exquisite displays we always look forward to from Valentino were in full bloom (literally). Giant bouquets of leather flowers framed the collar bone to perfection and the unusual choice of fabric over metal made the show oh-so ethereal.
Never one to be a shy and retiring wall flower - Marc Jacobs produced an abundance of over scale flowers, giant daisies, sequins and silk turbans. The retro-inspired pieces at Marc Jacobs were just DREAMY.
The couture bride has never looked so regal. Murads skill as a craftsman and his ability to fuse Middle Eastern luxury with Western elegance opened the door for a new wave of bridal couture. Over the top is definitely an understatement when it comes to Zurhair Murad's stunning, embellished head pieces. 

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