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Vinay Kedia was born and raised in a family of jewellers in Mumbai, India. Learning about craftsmanship from a young age, Vinay was inspired to tell stories through the medium of gemstones. Aiming to carry on the celebration of love and life with jewellery, he created popular brand Estenza which showcases contemporary flair combined with Indian influences. Aiming to encourage deep emotional connections to his jewellery brand, Vinay helps to share experiences through fine jewellery, exposing the wearer to romantic, luxurious and unique designs with a difference.

Renowned for: Vinay Kedia connects with the wearer through deep rooted emotion which he transforms into striking jewellery pieces.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Estenza explores the adjoining connections between contemporary, romantic and unique structure, sculpting jewellery that can be worn whenever the wearer deems fit.

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