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Divine Schematic

“By using the earth’s powerful energy found in semi-precious stones, and its vibrations, we create simplicity and beauty in every piece.”

From her studio in Dorado, Puerto Rico, designer Laura Ramos creates Divine Schematic – an innovative range of eco-friendly jewellery designed to harness the incredible power of natural crystals. Following in the footsteps of shamans and spiritual healers, Laura believes that the right stones can transform the wearer, channelling higher vibrations and energy to create major positive change.
Inspired by nature’s subtle patterns, sights and shapes, Laura carefully selects powerful semi-precious stones and forges them into contemporary and original pieces – creating beautiful jewellery that will empower you both inside and out.

Renowned for: Eco-friendly jewellery that harnesses the power of natural crystals.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Thanks to Divine Schematic, crystal healing has shaken off its frumpy image and stepped into the 21st century in a burst of dazzling, contemporary design.

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