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Confetti Crowd X LGBT Rainbow Collection

As February draws to a close, so does LGBT History Month. LGBT History Month aims to illuminate the narratives of the LGBT community, raising awareness of the issues faced by LGBT people. Whilst this national event is nearing its end, the values of love, acceptance and inclusivity remain. In honour of this month of celebrations, we created a collection of rainbow coloured jewellery to champion love with pride! But we have an extra-special surprise for you... In support of the cause, the radiant girls of Confetti Crowd have chosen their top picks from the LGBT collection especially for you! Choose love and kindness with sparkling rainbow jewellery.

Confetti Crowd's Picks
Confetti Crowd champions self-love, support, and solidarity! Their platform aims to unite young people, encouraging each other to be whoever you want to be, and love yourself. Be your free and colourful self with rainbow coloured jewellery. The Confetti girls have chosen their top picks, time to pick yours!
Yellow Gold Plated Rainbow Ring

Like to wear dainty and delicate jewellery? Confetti Crowd’s first pick is Jana Reinhardt’s Rainbow Ring. The elegant gold band is studded with glittering gemstones in every colour, from radiant rubies to sumptuous sapphires.

Handcrafted in the designer’s seaside studio, this ring will lift your spirits on those grey days. Feel sunny and chic with this rainbow ring and forever exude happiness!

Multiple Colourful Ear Wishes

These quirky and cute rainbow Ear Wishes have Confetti Crowd written all over them! London-based designer Robinson Pelham uses the finest coloured sapphires and tsvaorites to adorn his 14kt gold wear wishes. Designed to hang on hoops of necklaces, these ear wishes are perfect to personalise your jewellery.

Enhance your uniqueness with cherries, lips, rainbow and sunny designs! These delightful jewellery pieces can brighten up any outfit, so add a much-needed pop of colour today!

Rainbow Egg Box Ring Trio

Be fun and flirty with your jewellery! Biiji’s Rainbow Egg Box Ring combines fluid forms with psychedelic gemstones - need I say more? This trio of stacking rings fit together snugly to create waves of golds, blues, greens, pinks and purples. No wonder Confetti Crowd couldn’t resist picking this in their top choices!

The premium 18kt gold enhances the colourful tones of the set gemstones. The designer likes to experiment with eccentric designs and a plethora of colourful materials. Jewellery like this will keep your style full of life - so invest in a luxurious and lavish ring that will set you apart from everyone else!

Rainbow Disc Necklace

Imagine how fabulous you’ll look this summer with this statement necklace draped around your neck. Sometimes, one colour just doesn’t cut it. Release your inner starchild with a dazzling necklace like this one to sparkle in the summer sun.

Miami-based designer Cosanuova knows what’s hot. This quality necklace exudes contemporary edge. Feel confident, poised and stylish as you wear this rainbow necklace with conviction.

Full Bloom 3-Ring Combination

Bloom into a spectacle of beauty and radiance with Verifine’s Full Bloom Ring Combination. This collection of four individual gemstone eternity rings can be styled separately or together as you wish for a unique style personal to you. The warm and cool hues of the green, yellow, pink and amber gemstones magically intermingle in the light to create a stunning jewellery piece.

Feel proud of your identity and carve your own style with this pick. Inspired by a blossoming garden, embrace growth and strength with a meaningful ring chosen just for you.

Yellow Gold Plated Rainbow Stud Earrings

These subtle and sparkling rainbow earrings are lovingly handmade in the heart of Sussex. Place these delicately on your ears for a chic and colourful style. The pastel colours create effortless elegance so you can look just as fabulous as the Confetti girls.

How great would these earrings make for a gift to a loved one? Show someone that you love and accept them with meaningful jewellery pieces such as these. Handpicked by the Confetti girls, you can rest assured that these earrings are items to be cherished!

Gold & Rainbow Demi Pointe Ring

Want a kiss of kaleidoscopic magic? XISSJEWELLERY’s Gold & Rainbow Demi Pointe Ring radiates rainbow-coloured charm. The dainty and elegant yellow gold band is delicately adorned with an array of coloured gemstones.

Head designer, Kathleen Marwick aims to create beautiful jewellery that transcends seasonal trends. Invest in this ring for a jewellery piece that will forever convey superior style and effortless elegance. The subtle pop of colour is guaranteed to grab attention - so look and feel great wearing Confetti Crowd’s final pick!


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