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Chavin Couture

Chavin Couture creates distinctly feminine designs inspired by the traditional craftsmanship techniques and icons of the ancient Peruvian civilisation: Chavin, a culture renowned for its metallurgy skills and intricate precious metalwork. Featuring a couture collection created by third generation designer Chiara Ramon, each design offers a delicate fusion of Peruvian myth, innovative design and modern elegance. “Modern female consumers don’t want to choose between ethics and aesthetics. Every time you buy a piece of Chavin Couture jewellery you are making a difference to Peruvian people.”

Renowned for: Creating ethical pieces that feature the unique treasures of Peru: the pink and blue opal, chrysocolla and amazonite.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Beautifully crafted with love and integrity, a piece by Chavin Couture changes more than just an outfit.

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