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A goldsmith, gemmologist, award winning designer, and fine art student, Peter Baer has been crafting jewellery for his brand, Baerjewels since 1988. After leaving his native Switzerland, Peter lived for 40 years in Asia, during which he developed a matchless cultural perspective. His experiences are now reflected in the diverse range of wearable art pieces he’s created. His talent, and a stone cutting method of his own invention have let Peter succeed in the trade for over two decades.

Renowned for: Incorporating metals not normally used in jewellery such as aluminium, as well as including Asian cultural elements in designs.

Handpicked by Jewelstreet because: Peter and his team at Baerjewels have an insatiable passion for perfection. They don’t stop until the pieces they’re crafting are absolutely right. It’s this dedication that guarantees their customer’s satisfaction.

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