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Asbury Adams

Los Angeles based jewellery designer Simone Adams, the founder of brand Asbury Adams, spent her childhood in cultural hotspots such as Malaga, Spain, and Paris. Simone’s exposure to the art world during this time and her induction into Buddhism at the age of nine, have given her a deep love of colour and texture, as well as a unique sense of luxury and style. The pieces she makes are accessible to everyone – she utilises diamonds of all grades so every customer, no matter their budget, can wear her jewels.

Renowned for: Luxe-Bohemian jewellery which incorporates a kaleidoscope of silks, cottons, leathers, vinyl, and luscious gemstones.

Handpicked by JewelStreet becauseSimone is a philanthropist who has a sensational design sensibility. She loves her pieces and takes great care to make every single one special.

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