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Vinay and his brother grew up in Madagascar, where Vinay learnt the art of jewellery making at his grandfather’s side. In 2015, the brothers launched their jewellery brand Anakao, named for a small fishing village in Southern Madagascar, whose white beaches, turquoise waters and quaint buildings have passed time, untouched and untainted by the modern world. The brand’s designs are bold, opulent and alluring:” At ANAKAO, we believe in the power of seduction. Our jewellery is more than adornment. It’s about timeless luxury that brings with it a lasting sense of confidence and poise, seducing the wearer with its charms.”

Renowned for: Opulent statement pieces that exude a seductive power.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: The striking designs will never fail to make a woman feel sensual, confident and desired.

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