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Alrun Nordic Jewelry

“Alrún is transforming Nordic tradition – to me that means celebrating the unique and unusual, and the modern evolution of ancient form.”

Alrún Nordic Jewelry was founded by Reykjavik-based runesmith Jón Bjarni Baldursson. Inspired by the traditions of his Norse ancestors, he created his line of twelve silver bindrunes to celebrate Nordic cultural heritage and transform it for modern audiences. Bindrunes form the basis of Jón Bjarni's work - these runes are created by binding individual runic letters together, intensifying the meaning of a personal message and invoking a symbolic power.

Renowned for: Nordic inspired jewellery featuring bindrunes that represent powerful Icelandic words and act as an invocation in the wearer’s daily life.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Alrún Nordic Jewelry's unusual pieces are fascinating cultural talismans, guaranteed to spark conversation.

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