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The '80s Jewellery Collection

Bored of wearing the same pair of studs for every occasion? Now it’s your chance to try something different. The ‘80s are back and bigger than ever. Make a show-stopping entrance anywhere you go this season with some large hoops, chunky gold chains and neon jewellery.

The return of ’80s

The '80s were about excess and so are the A/W18 runways! Big shoulders, bold colour blazers and oversized earrings, the '80s were a time of experimental fashion and jewellery. Many fashion icons rose to prominence during this decade - including Madonna, Grace Jones and Princess Diana.

Get ready to dive into this dramatic trend. From neon hues and chunky gold chains to dramatic drops and beaded necklaces, recreate the iconic styles and give them a modern spin with our designer jewellery.

Neon Hues

The sunny days are nearly over but you don't need to worry about a lack of light this Autumn. Bright oranges, sunny yellows and hot pinks have made a return.

Neon hues are back and they are brighter than ever!

The ’80s couldn’t come back without the neon colour trend. Inject a dash of neon into your jewellery box with some bright 'fluro' bracelets and bangles! Take the trend to the next level by matching your rainbow makeup (what about a bold purple lippie? optional, of course!) and you will definitely be the centre of attention.

Inspired by one of Elizabeth Raine’s favourite films Wizard of Oz, the Somewhere Over The Rainbow Earrings are a statement of Hope and Discovery and Enlightenment. Hand crafted from oxidized-silver with rainbow Meenakari-enameling. Each earring has a central emerald green onyx cabochon, surrounded by citrine baguettes. 
The Yellow Gold Infinity Ibiza Bracelet With Yellow Neon Ribbon from Infinity by Victoria. An elegant silver double infinity bracelet, finished with a yellow neon satin ribbon.
The Ear Game

Earrings were the jewellery choice in the 1980s and it’s a trend that's set to continue.

It’s all about the ear game this season! The giant abstract earrings are also the new focal point in fashion, those baubles are getting super-sized!

Tap into the 1980s trend with a pair of geometric earrings or vintage-inspired pearl hoops. This season’s trends are all about maximum drama from the neck-up, so embrace the ‘80s trend and drop it low with some tassels or jumbo clip-ons.

These bewitching Amethyst stone women's earrings by Socheec are a rare fusion of diamonds and blackened 14kt yellow gold adding to its mysterious look. These vintage diamond earrings are light in weight yet firm in build.
Each is set with a pair of beautifully translucent, polished circles of rock crystal that lend a touch of genuine class.
Glam Rock '80s

Lion mane hairstyle, choker necklace and spiky accessories; the '80s glam rock trend is easier to wear than it sounds.

Don't be afraid to accessorise a denim on denim outfit, layering necklaces with different details and textures to add drama and sparkle to your '80s style.

Alternatively, rock the classic punk with a concert t-shirt and a pair of spiky earrings.

This choker is set with black leather squares on a sterling silver loop. Designer Naomi's abstract work draws from a range of influences, including her love of music, fashion and Japanese design.
These earrings were personally handcrafted by designer Alison Fern. The high quality finish gives an edge of luxe to the overall look. Perfect as a special gift, to yourself or otherwise!
'80s Style Chains

Roll-necks with chunky chains? Yes, it’s exactly the kind of street style we saw in all the latest fashion shows. The '80s style is all about being loud and big.

Beaded necklaces, large pendants or some cutting edge gold chains? How about mixing and matching them together? Layer them in different length to let each necklace have its own moment and shine.

The 14kt rose gold and white diamond Duke necklace/choker from Jezebel London combines traditional craftsmanship with cutting edge design. Wear it stacked with other necklaces from Jezebel’s collection for a gorgeous layered look.
Rectangular ebony links hand carved by expert craftsmen in Western Africa. Large sterling silver link plated in 18 kt yellow gold covered with Brazilian golden and brandy Citrines proceeding pavé handset in India using traditional techniques. 

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