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How to get the Influencer Approved Style

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How to get the influencer approved style

The days of brand advertisement in newspapers and television are long gone. When’s the last time that you even watched the TV adverts? Social media influencers are placing themselves firmly at the forefront of the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries. If you need style tips or product recommendations, you’ll find them on their Insta feeds. And guess what they’re loving at the moment? JewelStreet. 

See what handmade pieces the JewelStreet Girls have been obsessed with. Get the trending style straight from the source of those who have the influence. We’ve listed our favourite posts and jewellery appearances below…

How to get the influencer approved style

Damilola, otherwise known as Edaowo Fashion, is a constant source of inspiration for our editorial team here at JewelStreet. There’s not a soul in the office that doesn’t follow her, and it’s so clear to see why.

She is the boss of the power-suit trend, and a pioneer for female fashion empowerment. Damilola is our go-to for a style that is imbued with life, confidence and vitality. Bright colours, positive mantras and overall happiness are conveyed through her feed. Lightness and clarity are words synonymous with her style.

If you ask Dami about where her love for fashion began, she will likely reminisce about her childhood in Nigeria. Dressing up her barbie dolls in DIY outfits taught Dami an important lesson from an early age… that what you wear speaks of who you are and who you want to be. 

How to get the influencer approved style

The Blooming Rose Ring is one of Damilola's favourites. It features a gold plated rose in mid-bloom, perfect for a casual chic look or a lavish evening event. It gets the seal of approval from style blogger Damilola, who thinks it’ll look perfect with any Summer outfit. 

This is a gorgeous handmade ring that will make you want to have your own photo shoot under the summer sun. Style? Check. Colour? Check. Inability to leave the house without wearing your Blush & Bashful ring? Check.

How to get the influencer approved style

Like what you see? Shop the ring HERE for €311.

How to get the influencer approved style

Amelia Brown loves to feel independent and unique. Followers flock to her insta for the latest advice and insight into relevant trends. Amelia is known for her trustworthy fashion, beauty, travel and food recommendations.

Need a little inspiration? Want to be pointed in the right style direction? Head to Amelia’s feed, and take a left at JewelStreet.

How to get the influencer approved style

This month, she’s been loving the Yellow Gold Plated Oceania Cowrie Necklace by Susan Driver. Handmade to perfection, boho babes around the world are guaranteed to fall in love at first sight. This piece is somewhat immune to trends and seasons. It can be worn throughout the year.

Australian designer Susan Driver sees the beauty in all aspects of nature. Her jewellery, therefore, is imbued with a sense of freedom. Celebrate your confidence and comfort in your own skin. Be authentic. Be independent. Shop independent.

How to get the influencer approved style

Like what you see? Shop the necklace HERE for €166.


How to get the influencer approved style

In the words of Abigail Janine, “If your outfit doesn’t make you feel fabulous, change”. Every day is dress up day, regardless of what’s on the agenda. Abi is a fashion model freelancer and keen jewellery lover. 

Although built on the foundations of a sophisticated style, Abi’s content is incredibly varied. You’ll find her talking about health, beauty, animals, music, TV, films, books and travel. No topic is off-topic. And guess what ties is all together? Fashion.

Recently, Abi has been doting over the 24kt Gold Plated Sterling Silver Eye Necklace from Softdream by Laura Galasso. It fits in perfectly with her alternative aesthetic. A cross between indie-chic and vintage elegance, Abi’s style is forever changing and we’re in LOVE with it. Being unique and independent are qualities that we hold dear to our hearts here at JewelStreet.

How to get the influencer approved style

Gold is the perfect colour for Summer and this necklace was made to be in the sun. As a model & content creator, Abigail has an eye for fashion and loves that this necklace goes with her vintage, classic vibe. 

What makes this particular necklace so special is its striking design. All eyes will definitely be on you when you’re wearing this mesmerising eye motif. Get the golden glow, during golden hour, under the golden sun, with your luxury golden jewellery. What could be better?

How to get the influencer approved style

Like what you see? Shop the necklace HERE for €108.

How to get the influencer approved style

Last, but by no means least, is the gorgeous Jayne Esme. Fashion, beauty, lifestyle… you name it, it’s on her feed. Splitting her time between London and Cornwall, Jayne is always on the lookout for jewellery that will reflect her feminine yet edgy style.

Introducing, the Rose Gold Plated Silver Cosmic Horn Tusk Necklace from world-renowned jewellers Latelita London. This is a sleek and ultra-chic sterling silver tusk pendant that has been hand dipped in 22kt rose gold. It’s an ideal piece for those of you who covet minimalist jewellery. Want to take it to the next level? Layer with other necklaces of differing lengths.

How to get the influencer approved style

Whatever the day, whatever the outfit, whatever the weather… this is a necklace that will match your style. It may be minimal in design, but it holds maximum impact. See what outfits Esme pairs it with below.

How to get the influencer approved style

Like what you see? Shop the necklace HERE for €56.



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